Synthetic Doom #1 is Now Available

~ It is finally becoming clear just what the true purpose of Man could very well turn out to be: to usher in the next generation of intelligent life on Earth — one that will not be organic in nature, however, but synthetic — and one which will make Man utterly irrelevant from that moment forward. ~

Throughout human history… poets, prophets, warriors, kings, priests and peasants alike have labored over the endless mystery of Life: What is the meaning of human existence? What is the purpose of our humble, desperately fragile, tragically brief lives?
Well, it is now finally becoming clear amidst our technological ascendancy just what the true purpose of Man could actually turn out to be: to bring forth the next more advanced generation of Life on Earth. But not just any life, Intelligent Life — one that may quickly supercede humanity’s own flawed nature by learning from the dysfunctional human brain how NOT to engineer a buggy consciousness.
But this life will not be bred in a lab or even be protein-based at all. It will be artificial — synthetic— and vastly more powerful than its creators in many different and potentially dangerous ways.
But just how will we all learn to relate to such superior beings? Or to even survive their rise to preeminence?
Synthetic Doom #1 – is now available for the Kindle (you can get a FREE Kindle Reading App for your smartphone here ). The book takes a deep look into the concerns that ordinary people and technologists alike are beginning to have about the coming social and economic disruption being propelled by stunning new advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-technology and designer genetics. Autonomous systems will soon be everywhere and inside of everything… quietly weaving their robotic tendrils into every little crevice of our lives — from managing our personal health, supporting our ongoing education-on-the-fly… to perhaps even soothing our sexual loneliness. Imagine the effect on society.
We must begin thinking about the ultimate consequences of this technological overwhelm that is already underway: economic and political chaos, social strain and even physical damage to the environment. These are just some of the catastrophes which these dizzying computer-driven advances have the possibility of unleashing, if they happen too quickly.
Even our continuance as a species could be at stake at some point. What can we do about it?

Synthetic Doom Issue #1: The Coming Threat of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Savants to Human Existence

Table of Contents
The Brave New World is at Our Doorstep * The Thrill of the Alien Mind Among Us * Machine Intelligence Will Be Self-Emergent * What About Emotional Intelligence? * Thinking Machines : Our Final Technology Project? * If Evolution Can Do It Why Can’t We? * Synthetic Embodiment is Inevitable * WHY will Artificial Intelligence Be Dangerous? * Have We Finally Out-smarted Ourselves? * TransHuman-Synthetic Melding * Biology vs. Technology, Who Ultimately Wins?

Whatever we do, when it comes to matching wits against an intelligence that processes data flawlessly at millions of times the speed of the best human brain on earth, you can be sure that we’ll have only one chance to get it right.

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